Accelerate Your Rise to the Top!

Regardless how smart or successful you are, how skilled or productive, your ability to influence, persuade and stand out as a leader will make or break your career.

When you can influence and persuade — when you have the Executive Presence of a leader, you’ll be able to:

  • Earn more and get promoted faster — without having to sacrifice your personal life, your family or your mental and physical health
  • Increase your visibility in your organization or industry so you attract opportunities instead of having to chase them
  • Persuade people to say yes to your ideas, offers and proposals without having to resort to sleazy tactics
  • Be respected as an influential leader, so when opportunities and promotions come up, you are the obvious choice in the minds of decision-makers
  • And most importantly: Get the opportunities, recognition and rewards you deserve!


I’m Dr. Jane Adler – Influence Strategist and Leadership Coach

Dr. Jane Adler

I teach influence, persuasion and leadership strategies to people like you – successful managers, leaders, professionals and executives who want to get better results, faster in their dealings with people — whether you are negotiating a deal, leading a team, pitching a project or positioning yourself for the next level of leadership.

An experienced consultant and advisor, I’ve worked with over 300 leaders in industries ranging from healthcare to hardware. I’ve seen firsthand how a few key strategies – based on proven principles from social influence and the psychology of persuasion — can massively increase your impact and influence — leading to better results, higher visibility and faster career advancement.

Give yourself the “edge.” Download your copy of the Instant Influence Toolkit today and be able to influence more easily and make a bigger impact tomorrow.

Instant Influence Toolkit - Increase your influence, impact and executive presence